E791 E792 E793Happy New Year TPU parkrunners.

2020 has rolled in fresh and vigorously. With the continued support from DBKL Sports Department and Landscape Department and the ever lovable parkrunners the TPU parkrun will move on steadily as an avenue to a healthy lifestyle. The 79th event was the first for the year. Its either due to the urge to burn out the festive calories or a new year resolution we had the 5th highest number of runners turn out. Well done to all of us. We had 5 new parkrunners and few visitors from Russia, Australia, UK, Scotland and Precinct 18 Putrajaya joining the fun. 11 PB was recorded with Aisling MURRAY recording her 4th PB in 5 runs. Our newcomer Samsuri NOORDIN shaved 2 mins from his first run. Hairul Azha MOHD AMIN shaved 2 mins and 38 sec to post his 2nd PB in a row. Александр ПОЛЯКОВ a first timer came in as the first male finisher followed by Seng WEI YIP and David BARNES. David BARNES was also the highest age grade finisher this week. Aisling MURRAY with her PB was the first female finisher followed by Ashley CHEE and Carla BUTTERFIELD.

The MURRAYS were all in to support Caroline MURRAY who ran her 50th parkrun. Caroline has finished 29 times at TPU. She is among the pioneer parkrunners who worked to set TPU up and running. She has volunteered 29 times too. It was more special when Aisling and Kieran clocked their PB too. Well done Caroline and the MURRAYs.

All of this would not have been possible without the 11 amazing orange vest wearing volunteers who tirelessly set up the course, waved and encouraged the runners. A BIIIGG thank you to Bavatareni GOBALAKIRSHNA, Gobalakrishna GOVINDASAMY, Emer BRREN, Robin LAWRENCE, Khay Ann YEO, Pek Way CHOI, Pei Yong GAN, Lai Choo LEONG, Tan LORRIN, Lor Che TAN, Becky THOMASON.

Khay Ann YEO was also the guide to visual impaired parkrunner Mahomed KHATRI from UK who did an impressive 26.51 minutes being a first timer too in the heat and humid condition. Congratulations to both of them. We will have a special report on the experience form both of them soon. WAIT FOR IT!!

We need volunteers in order to hold our events – so if you are able to help, you can contact us at tamanpuduulu@parkrun.com or at our Facebook page www.facebook.com/tamanpuduuluparkrun/ We look forward to see you all next Saturday. Bring your family, bring your friends, spread the word, lets have fun. PLEASE DON’T FORGET YOUR BAR CODE.