The Legends of Presint 18 parkrun Chapter 1: Jasneshpal KARAMJIT SINGH


Question 1 - What is a typical day at Presint 18 parkrun?

A typical day starts early in the morning at 6am. Getting up at that time every Saturday is a norm. My brother and I would then drive over to Putrajaya. The roads would be relatively empty as most people are sound asleep on their beds. As soon as we reach, we help out with setting up the run. Both of us regularly volunteer at Presint 18 parkrun. My role has consistently been the First Timers Briefer. It is always nice seeing new faces turning up for parkrun. Once I have delivered the briefing, it’s time to warm up and calm myself down before the 5K run.

Question 2 - What is your parkrun history?

Up to this point, I have completed 32 parkruns in two countries, the United Kingdom and Malaysia. My parkrun journey had its humble beginning at South Manchester parkrun when I was studying in the UK for the past three years. It was a challenge running in extremely cold conditions. After returning to my home country of Malaysia, I initially ran at Taman Pudu Ulu parkrun before becoming a regular at Presint 18 parkrun. Besides that, I have also volunteered 18 times at parkrun. Volunteering is so fulfilling. My favourite roles are Token Sorting and First Timers Briefing. I love doing these roles.

Question 3 - Why Presint 18?

I would put Presint 18 Putrajaya above the rest due to its originality and scenic beauty. Located in the administrative centre of Malaysia, the running route is beautiful from start to finish. We always get a big crowd, so it is nice running with other enthusiastic people. The volunteers are also friendly and encouraging. Everyone cheers you on as you are about to finish the race, so that adds the extra motivation you need.

Question 4 - What are your goals at Presint 18?

As simple as it sounds just run every week and challenge myself to improve, not just in terms of Personal Best times but also to see the parkrun grow with more people coming in and becoming regular runners. I try to promote parkrun whenever I can. It’s the best thing that occurs on a Saturday morning.

Question 5 - What would you say to first timers or newbie parkrunners?

Come and give parkrun a try. Waking up early on a Saturday morning and running 5 kilometres may be a big challenge initially. But once you start, you will notice the positive vibes and the desire to challenge yourself. It really does not matter how fast you run or what volunteer role you take up. It is the fact you commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle that will bring better gains to you in the long term. There are runners/volunteers who show up at Putrajaya with their family. It is a common sight to see parents run alongside their kids and push younger ones in stroller, which makes Presint 18 parkrun one for all ages.

Question 6 - Tell us your memorable moment at parkrun.

It has to be the launch of Presint 18 parkrun. Just witnessing three hundred plus people show up with so much energy and excitement for the birth of something new was surreal to see. We also had visitors from all around the parkrun world, so to see everyone come together was satisfying. I was also happy for my brother who was actively involved behind the scenes as a key member to put Presint 18 on the Global parkrun map. I personally didn’t have my best run on that day but safe to say, that launch day will live long in the memory.

Question 7 - What do you think about volunteering at parkrun?

Put it simply, there is no parkrun without volunteers. It is a fun and fulfilling aspect as you can cheer and assist fellow runners. There are a variety of roles that one can take up, from being the barcode scanner to standing in as a marshal. It is exciting to see all the runners go by and as a volunteer, you can give them the added encouragement to challenge themselves throughout the run. Similar to the running milestone t-shirt, you get a milestone t-shirt for volunteering 25 times. Personally, that is a much bigger achievement than any of the 50 or 100 running milestone t-shirts, because it shows your commitment to the running community. The commitment of wanting to contribute by helping others.


Jasneshpal KARAMJIT SINGH (A 1900270)

Number of parkruns ran/walked - 32

Number of parkruns volunteered - 18


This is the first chapter of "The Legends of Presint 18 parkrun", an Independent Issue brought to you by the Presint 18 parkrun volunteer team. It will feature participants of Presint 18 parkrun regardless of whether that participant runs, walks or volunteers at Presint 18 parkrun.

If Presint 18 parkrun has had an amazing impact on your life or you would like your Presint 18 parkrun story to be shared on the next chapter of "The Legends of Presint 18 parkrun", please get in touch with us at or speak to our volunteers any Saturday at Presint 18 parkrun.

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