The Legends of Presint 18 parkrun Chapter 7: Raja Iskandar SHAH


Question 1 - What is a typical day at Presint 18 parkrun?

A typical parkrun day for me starts early. I usually volunteer so I arrive before 7am. As I usually volunteer as a marshal, my duties require me to ensure all runners/walkers have been safely guided. Hence, I am usually among the last people to leave the run route. Having completed my duties, I tend to chat with fellow volunteer and runners (some that I had only known via Facebook). I arrive home around 10am where I fetch my youngest son for his art class. Then, it is the eager wait for parkrun photos on Facebook and results (if I ran/walked that day) via email. In the evenings, it is either a long run (if I volunteered at parkrun) or preparing for a running event the next day.

Question 2 - What is your parkrun history?

My parkrun story goes back to early 2018. I started volunteering for Harry, Yan, and Aizat such as finding information about possible routes in Putrajaya and subsequently sharing Presint 18 parkrun activities with the Putrajaya running community. Officially, I have volunteered on 11 occasions, ran 4 times at Presint 18 parkrun, and did a Freedom run once.

Question 3 - Why Presint 18?

Presint 18 parkrun is the closest to my home in Presint 9. It is also a safe and convenient route.

Question 4 - What are your goals at Presint 18?

My main goal would be having many friends participating at Presint 18 parkrun and encouraging a healthy and sporting lifestyle for the local community.

Question 5 -What would you say to veteran first timers or newbie parkrunners (over the age of 50)?

I am always amazed by runners over the age of 50. Physically, the average person over the age of 50 has many limitations in muscle, joints, heart rate, and lung capacity. For most of them, running is a mix activity of social and physical nature. The social part of it actually makes the physical part easier. For first timers and newbies, Presint 18 parkrun is typical hot and humid so it is best to run easy for the first time.

Question 6 - Tell us your memorable moment at parkrun.

My most memorable and satisfying moment would be the 1st event for Presint 18 parkrun on 3 November 2018. So happy to see the work of so many involved come to life.

Question 7 - What do you think about volunteering at parkrun?

I love volunteering for parkrun. Volunteering at parkrun means an opportunity to do a good deed multiple folds by helping out friends, families, and the local community to enjoy a healthy sporting activity. A good runner needs to have at least 4 different paces, and there is no one size fits all. So, volunteering provides me that different perspective, to observe the many different running attributes and running forms.

Raja Iskandar SHAH (A 5002963)

Number of parkruns ran/walked - 4

Number of parkruns volunteered - 11


This is the seventh chapter of "The Legends of Presint 18 parkrun", an Independent Issue brought to you by the Presint 18 parkrun volunteer team. It will feature participants of Presint 18 parkrun regardless of whether that participant runs, walks or volunteers at Presint 18 parkrun.

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