The Legends of Presint 18 parkrun Chapter 5: Norbee Shireen ABDUL HAMID & family


Question 1 - What is a typical day at parkrun?

Before going to bed on Friday night, I prepare mentally and physically for parkrun the next morning because waking my children up early in the morning is never easy. I usually ask them to go to bed early. It was a bit difficult for me to manage the children for the first few weeks as they are accustomed to waking up around 10am on the weekend. After attending about 4 parkrun events, the children have finally understood that Saturday is parkrunday. Nowadays, it is the children that wake me up for parkrun especially on those days when I tell them that their friends will also be coming to parkrun.

We set off for Presint 18 when the whole family is ready and usually arrive around 7.15am. We set up the stroller for the youngest child and do some light stretching before the start at 7.30am. The event is really fun and safe as parkrun has marshals along the route and a tail walker to make sure no one is left behind. Also, the scenery along the route is awesome!

The best part of parkrun is the breakfast session after the run. There, my family can catch up with everyone and share everything including our meal!

Question 2 - What is the family’s parkrun history?

The truth is the whole family didn’t know about the existence of parkrun. I came across it when Perbadanan Putrajaya’s post about Presint 18 parkrun popped up on my Facebook timeline sometime last year. Since then, we started to collect more information about parkrun. What attracted us about parkrun was that we don’t have to pay a registration fee to take part. Just register, print the barcode and you are all set! Your time will also be recorded! Our very first parkrun was on 3 November 2018, the launch of Presint 18 parkrun. Now, parkrun is a “wajib” event for our family.

Question 3 - Why Presint 18?

We choose Presint 18 parkrun because it is close to our house. And of course, the beautiful scenery!

Question 4 - What is the family’s parkrun goals?

Our ultimate goal is to stay fit and live a healthy life. Furthermore, we would like to attend parkrun every week and make it into the parkrun 50 club by the end of 2019. My son has already joined the parkrun 10 club being the first junior from Presint 18 parkrun to do so & one of the few from Malaysia to have achieve such a feat.

Question 5 - As stroller runners, what would you and your husband advise first time or newbie stroller parkrunners?

To all first time and newbie stroller parkrunners, you do not need to own a jogger stroller in order to start stroller running/jogging. Just bring whatever stroller you have to parkrun and have fun. Don’t forget your child! The run route is family and stroller friendly. Make sure when you run with a stroller, you attach the harness/safety belt. If your child wants to run, let him/her run and have fun. But remember, at parkrun under 11s must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Don’t let them run alone. Safety first!

Question 6 - How do the children feel about parkrun?

My children are very excited about parkrun because they know all their friends will be there. The can play with them after the run and participate in some post-event activities for example the group photo and birthday celebrations which usually has cakes/brownies. My 3-year-old daughter has even requested to celebrate her 4th birthday at parkrun. They really enjoy it to the max!

Question 7 - How does your mother feel about parkrun and/or does she have a message for senior female first time or newbie parkrunners (over the age of 55)?

The doctor has advised my mother, who is 59, to carry out some exercises such as brisk walking in order to keep fit and stay healthy. 5km is not an easy distance for my mother and at first, she thought she would not be able to complete the whole distance. She kept walking and completed her first parkrun in 1 hour 9 minutes. Last week, on 16 March, my mother recorded a time of 52 minutes hence improving her time by 17 minutes in the past 4 months. We are all very proud of her. To date, she has already completed 13 parkrun events. Presint 18 parkrun makes her perspire a lot. She feels great and full of energy after parkrun. Her message to all senior citizen in Putrajaya is to come and join parkrun every Saturday morning. It will make you happy and healthy because parkrun is not just a running event, it is also a platform where we can meet new people and share everything especially the common goal to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Question 8 - Tell us a memorable moment for the family at parkrun.

Every week at parkrun is a memorable one! But the most memorable moment was when my son joined the parkrun 10 club becoming the first junior from Presint 18 parkrun to achieve such a milestone. Well done, Aniq!

Question 9 - As members of the Malaysia Stroller Runners Community (MSRC), parkrun Malaysia’s second largest club (78-registered runners, 215 runs recorded to date), what impact has the club brought to parkrun in Malaysia?

Togetherness. The culture of MSRC is family-oriented. How do we engage with our kids? When we gather, we spend our time with other parents sharing stories, knowledge, tips on everything especially productive ways to engage with our kids via running/jogging. We encourage and inspire other runners to bring their kids along when they decide to go for a run. Having kids should not be an excuse not to run. We are glad to see that Presint 18 parkrun and MSRC have same principles.

Question 10 - What does the family think about volunteering at parkrun?

Volunteering at parkrun is fun and good as we can contribute something back to the community. The volunteers make parkrun happen and ensure its smoothness. We can choose do anything for example being a pacer, marshal, timekeeper, barcode scanner, tail walker and etc. Other than that, we can make it to parkrun 25 volunteer club if we manage to volunteer 25 times. My husband did pacing the other week at Presint 18 parkrun. He felt great, proud and satisfied as he managed to helped other runners achieve a new PB!

Norbee Shireen ABDUL HAMID (A 5063315) – the mother

Number of parkruns ran/walked - 18

Number of parkruns volunteered - 0

Adi Aiman KAMARUDDIN (A 5050108) – the father

Number of parkruns ran/walked - 18

Number of parkruns volunteered – 1

Noraidah OTHMAN (A 5115073) – the grandmother

Number of parkruns ran/walked - 13

Number of parkruns volunteered – 0

Aniq Aqlan ADI AIMAN (A 5135908) – the child

Number of parkruns ran/walked - 16

Number of parkruns volunteered – 0

Aufa Aysha ADI AIMAN (coming soon…) – the child

Number of parkruns ran/walked – coming soon…

Number of parkruns volunteered – coming soon…


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