The Legends of Presint 18 parkrun Chapter 4: Lianne KRUGER


Question 1 - What is a typical day at Presint 18 parkrun?

My sister and I normally arrive around 7.15am. We do a bit of stretching, warming up and greeting familiar faces until the Run Director’s Briefing. The run starts at 7.30am and the route is great and very beautiful. Once we are done and have returned the tokens, we will sometimes stay and chat to a few people (some we know and others are new friends).

Question 2 - What is your parkrun history?

I actually joined parkrun around 2014 in my home country, South Africa. But I was a lot younger then and enjoyed sleeping in too much. Hence, I didn’t go very often. But as soon as I saw that there was parkrun in Malaysia, my sister and I decided to give it a try. I am glad we did, it’s now something I look forward to every week!

Question 3 - Why Presint 18?

I chose Presint 18 parkrun because it is not too far to travel on Saturday mornings but now, I choose it because of the people and scenery! Everyone is super friendly and encouraging. It is also an enjoyable run with wonderful scenery of the lake, trees and buildings.

Question 4 - What are your goals at Presint 18?

I had a couple of goals for the first few months of this year at Presint 18. The first one was to attend every Saturday this year but unfortunately, I have missed one already. I am hoping it will be the only one I’ll miss. My other goal was to get under 30 minutes which I have already managed to do! Because I’ve smashed one of my goals already, I have come up with a new one: to beat my sister’s parkrun time. She is much faster than me so I have a lot of hard work ahead of me.

Question 5 - What would you say about women participation (an average of 46.3%) at Presint 18 parkrun?

I always check the women participation every week and it’s good to see such a high percentage of women participants. Not only is the participation high but the support and encouragement that goes between the women is amazing! More than once I’ve have started walking from being tired and a fellow woman runner has stopped next to me and pushed me to keep going. That type of support is really incredible!

Question 6 - Tell us your memorable moment at parkrun.

My most memorable time was when I first got under 30 minutes. It was the absolute best feeling and I received good compliments and congratulations from some of the runners. It was awesome!

Question 7 - What do you think about volunteering at parkrun?

I have only volunteered once but I enjoyed it and will definitely do it again. It was nice being a marshal and encouraging the runners to keep going. It’s also an awesome way to meet new people.

Lianne KRUGER (A 1429483)

Number of parkruns ran/walked - 11

Number of parkruns volunteered - 1


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