The Legends of Presint 18 parkrun Chapter 2: Nur Hidayah KHALID


Question 1 - What is a typical day at Presint 18 parkrun?

A typical day start as early as 540am. Getting up at that time is normal for me during the weekdays but on a Saturday, which is non-working day, I take the opportunity to wake up later. Nowadays, I set my alarm at 540am on Friday night because the next day is parkrunday! After having showered and performed my Fajr prayer, I get ready for parkrun. Presint 18 is very near to my house. However, I sometimes travel all the way from my hometown in Senawang to Presint 18. On those days, I start my journey as early as 630am. As soon as I arrive at Presint 18, I will put on the volunteer vest (if I am volunteering that day) and help out at the start/finish line. If I run that week, I will usually mingle around with the volunteer team before the start.

Question 2 - What is your parkrun history?

Honestly, I had never heard about parkrun before October 2018. My office colleague who is also the Event Director of Presint 18 parkrun introduced parkrun to our office-mates in a telegram group message as Presint 18 parkrun was about to be launched. I was so interested and personally met her to ask for more details regarding parkrun. However, due to my work commitments, I could only join parkrun for the 1st time, volunteering as barcode scanner, at Event #3 on November 17. Nowadays, if I am not working on Saturday, I look forward for parkrun every week regardless of whether I am running or volunteering.

Question 3 - Why Presint 18?

The main reason is because I live in Presint 17. It is only 5 minutes to get to Presint 18. Besides that, Presint 18 was started fully by a group of multiracial Malaysians that are very ambitious. Being inspired by them, I always make an effort to come to Presint 18 parkrun even if I am in my hometown in Senawang on Friday. Just to put it out there, I admire the commitment of the core volunteers and really love the environment of Presint 18 parkrun.

Question 4 - What are your goals at Presint 18?

My goals are to improve my pace and achieve a PB. At the moment, it takes me around 45 to 49 minutes to complete parkrun. Other than that, I would like to join the parkrun 25 volunteer club this year.

Question 5 -What would you say to female first timers or newbie parkrunners (running/volunteering)?

Don't be afraid. You can see many female runners and volunteers at Presint 18 parkrun. parkrun is about challenging yourself. It doesn’t matter if you run, walk or volunteer. Come and feel the environment (the positive vibes, encouragement and support from the parkrun community and the opportunity to meet like-minded people). I bet you will fall in love with parkrun and never want to miss any single parkrun event after that.

Question 6 - Tell us your memorable moment at parkrun.

Every parkrun event is memorable for me. However, one memorable moment that i can’t forget is bringing my five-year-old daughter to parkrun and completing parkrun with her. Despite she didn’t have proper running shoes, she kept on running non-stop for the first 3 kilometres. This really surprised me and I was very impressed with my daughter’s achievement that day.

Question 7 - What do you think about volunteering at parkrun?

I would say volunteering at parkrun is such my stress reliever. The positive spirit in the volunteers just makes the environment so lively and seriously I just can’t wait for Saturday (parkrunday) to come every week. Volunteering at parkrun indirectly teaches you many things such as managing people. It can be a meaningful life lesson.

Nur Hidayah KHALID (A 5047094)

Number of parkruns ran/walked - 3

Number of parkruns volunteered - 11


This is the second chapter of "The Legends of Presint 18 parkrun", an Independent Issue brought to you by the Presint 18 parkrun volunteer team. It will feature participants of Presint 18 parkrun regardless of whether that participant runs, walks or volunteers at Presint 18 parkrun.

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